More planting

So I’ve planted some sunflowers.  A couple of rows of yellow ones and row on red ones (who knew you could get red sunflowers).

Also about 1200 meadow flower seeds in front of it all.  Hopefully it’ll look lush when it all works out and comes through.  That or it’ll all get strangled by dandelions.  

Need to pull my finger out and get down there but time is currently tight, exercising at least 3 nights a week on the seafront with Riptide and stuff to do at weekends as well.  If I’m not careful I’ll come back to a meadow of weeds.

Got my strawberry seeds going at home and have also now planted the tomatoes at home.  Hopefully will get them into the cold frame in maybe a month or so then it’s fresh, tasty, pretty much organic veg all year round, yay!

Planting begins

Planting has happened!

I don’t have any photos so you’ll have to take my word for it.  We’ve had another series of break ins at the plots but thankfully I appear to have been left alone on this occasion.

I’ve got parsnips, onions, spring onions, carrots, first and second early and main crop spuds all in now.

Got some sunflowers and meadow flowers to plant at the weekend for the border near the shed, strawberries seeds have germinated and are growing indoors, must plant tomatoes indoors too.

Then it’s dwarf beans, sweetcorn and whatever else I’ve forgotten up to this point but thanks to a lovely tin with sections in it from my Brother at Xmas I have the seeds arranged by month of planting so all I have to do is peak in the box. 🙂


Well, all for now, hopefully get a bit of work done down there this weekend with any luck.

Ready for action!

All raked over, all ready to go.

Decided to plant some parsnips since the weather forecast is good and now’s as good a time as any.  Only time will tell if it’s a bit ambitious I suppose.

Finished laying the path down as well so I’m quite chuffed.


And here are my little marker stakes provided by Hampshire Chestnut.  Very rustic I thought. 🙂  Phil, from Hampshire Chestnut, has also just received an order for traditional wooden tent pegs for pegging out pavilions and the like and when he asked for the postal address was given; “The Queen’s Footman, Buckingham Palace” so if you want good honest, rustic allotment things like beanpoles, pea sticks and flower stakes then you can get them from the same person that is supplying the Royals with their tent pegs for the summer!


Getting ready for the new season

I’ve been down the plot pretty much every weekend for a few hours to get things ready for the end of March when most of my planting will take place.

Visited a lovely garden centre this morning, got all of my seed potatoes for the year, 1st, 2nd and main crop along with some onion sets, stuck with Stuttgarter Giants as I grew them last year and they cropped really well and were very strong in flavour.

Finished off making a coldframe and raking over the top end of the plot where I’m going to plant the spuds this year.


A friend of mine (Phil) manages coppices for a living and he is selling me some nice rustic hazel rod flower stakes so I can make row markers and the rest will come in very useful for supporting the sunflowers I intend to plant.  You can see his stuff here: and here:

All in all it’s coming along nicely, not much more to do to get everything ready for plating so here’s hoping it goes well this year.

Having done a year I feel a lot more confident so can’t wait to get cracking. 🙂

2014 – One year on

Wow, really didn’t update this much did I?  I shall attempt to do so more regularly this year.

So, things grew, some better than others.  I got potatoes, onions, chillis, spring onions, sweetcorn.  These all cropped really well and in fact I’ve only just finished the last of the onions a week ago!

I grew a few leeks, they were good too.

I didn’t weed enough and I didn’t do a lot of things I had planned on.  My strawberry plants died within weeks of planting, carrots didn’t come up at all and my dwarf beans died when put out.  I have plans for that this year though.

Here’s how it currently all looks a the shed end.Image

The clear area between the shed and the “decking” is going to be home to a shave horse when I’ve built it.  Once installed I’ll hopefully be using it to make my own rustic fencing to run between me and one of my neighbours. 

Quite happy the pallet fence I put up last week was still there today since the wind down here has been fierce! 🙂

Here’s vaguely how the plot looks from the shed



As you can see I have a large compost heap of doom and a nice pile of rotted horse muck at the entrance end to get spread around and dug in.  This was bough by the neighbour who had way too much of it to use.  It’s all dug over and pretty much ready to go, just needs a quick rake before planting stuff in March.

Now that I’ve had a year of trying it out I have a much better idea of what I’m doing and what to expect so hopefully I’ll get some good things going this year.

Looking back at the photos of the plot on day one when I started the blog I’m well chuffed with everything I’ve done, hard work and worth every bit of it.



Pot RootsOnionsCorn

Onions are growing well, the sweetcorn has mostly survived being transplanted outdoors and the potatoes have done great. I’ve lifted 6 or 7 plants this morning and have just under 10 pounds of spuds for it! Having roasted a couple I can say that Nadine second earlies are lovely! 🙂
With a week off work next week I can hopefully get the rest of the jungle dug out and turned and sorted out for next year.
We’ve had some spring onions (quite strong) and a plenty of red lettuce, om nom nom.
The shed got broken into a while back but all they appear to have taken are my gloves and possibly a packet of spring onion seeds which is a bit random. Still, at least they didn’t take my tools.


IMG_0420 IMG_0419Shed!

Shed erected. Massive thanks to the folks from work for all of the help.
It is a free shed from a friend and it has seen better days but after the guys and girls from work had finished it was rather stable, re-braced and very sturdy.

We also knocked up a compost enclosure so it’s contained rather than a sprawling heap.

Today I’ve done a little bit of digging and planted some lettuce and salad seeds along with some mint in the prepared bed near the shed.

Still loads to do but it’s certainly getting there!

Burny, burny :D

It’s been a while.  Having trapped a nerve in my ankle it’s been hard to do anything up at the allotment; that and the terrible weather.

Now the weather has cleared up enough to actually do anything I decided to say “Up yours!” to trapped nerves and go and dig anyway.

I’m about halfway there thus far.  Have marked out a new bed up the top end which I’ll use for herbs and bought an incinerator from the allotment shop to burn the branches, wood and other stuff that I needed to get rid of.

3 hours work, shed site cleared, 2 bags of rubbish to the tip, a barrel full of stuff burned and some digging done.  It’s slowly getting there. 🙂

DSCF0115 DSCF0114 DSCF0111 DSCF0119

Even more progress!

Even more progress!

Well the weather hasn’t been bad and I’m not back at work until next week so I have taken advantage of it. Several days for a few hours a day I have been digging and what have you and am now at roughly 35% cultivation (well, sort of).
The ground is nicely dug over and I’ll get some well rotted horse manure in there shortly.
I’ve got a dip to deal with towards the haulage way as well.
Once I’ve dug it all over and it’s ready to go I shall be harassing the folks at work to see if they want to help me design and build a cheap shed from waste wood or something.